• 9th April
  • 09

true confession tuesday… part 2

  • whenever i’m eating salty & sweet things (separately, of course), i always finish with a salty bite.
  • pencils > pens
  • i’ve never eaten Nutella, spaghetti squash, or macaroons.
  • the weather getting warmer is making me want to BUY ALL THE THINGS?! need to settle down that spending.
  • scarves with pom poms are my favorite scarves.
  • i don’t really like Beyonce.  there i said it. 
  • basketball > football > baseball… i’m not a baseball fan unless it’s Thirsty Thursday, and then i’m just drinking & not really watching the game.
  • had “Mirrors” stuck in my head allllll day!?! which is not a bad thing.
  • trying real hard to talk my boss into taking us on a field trip to Ben & Jerry’s for a free cone!!

  1. gatorgirlinthebay said: I feel ya on the Beyonce thing…I just don’t get the obsession!
  2. laviedemer said: no Nutella? how? why?
  3. useyourindoorvoice said: Same here on the nutella and macaroons! I’m allergic to nuts so I can never have them.
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